Freelance Java Consultant

About me

I first came in contact with Java in 1995. Ever since then I’ve continued to gather experience with it. The first couple of year this was primarily based on an e-Procurement platform sold to the Dutch government, a public transportation company and others. My contributions consisted of basic frontend work, implementation of business logic in the backend, customisation based on customer wishes, integration with third-party software, third line support and the architecture of the invoicing system with three-way matching.

In 2006 I started to work at JTeam. This company stood at the basis of the Spring platform and as such was one of the best environments to learn Spring and everything around it.
Hence, I’ve worked in a number of project using Spring, Hibernate and different kind of frontend technologies.
The period at JTeam was not only useful to learn a lot about technology, but due to the growing responsibilities with the projects I learned a lot about the business behind the code. This reached a peak in the last project I did: project leader for the functional redesign of the Advertisement Management System.

I take great pleasure in digging into the problem of a customer and finding a suitable solution. I’m a team player and have a strong focus on pragmatism.