Freelance Java Consultant

DoubleDutch was following hockey curve and named one of Deloitte’s 500 fastest growing companies in North America. They were growing so fast, that it would surely impact the performance of their platform. Because hiring experienced developers in San Fransisco is maybe even harder than anywhere else, we got the opportunity to build a new team from scratch the Netherlands.

Growing to a team of seven super senior engineers, we set on a course to replace the current .NET monolith with a microservice architecture. By use of a functional decomposition and a strong existing API to conform to we were able to reconstruct the platform in little over a year. Unfortunately during that same time the company decided to shift focus to a different market segment. This shift in focus caused eliminated most of the requirements of the project and in the end caused the plug to be pulled out of the project.

The architecture initially was set on a Docker cluster using HashiCorp Consul as service discovery and central configuration store. Later we converted to Kubernetes hosted on Google Cloud.

The containers were running Java applications based on SparkJava and AxonFramework. By use of an event driven architecture we were able to optimise for high volume by constructing view specific data.